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Postage & dispatch info

All orders start with £4 postage plus 50p extra for each additional item. Orders over £100 qualify for free postage. Orders are dispatched within 10 working days plus allow up to 5 days for postage. Overall allow 3 weeks to receive your order - please take this into consideration when ordering.

Terms & Conditions

Problems with Ordering?

If you have any issues with the ordering process, please email me at as we can process your order this way, whilst we investigate and address any issues.

Welcome to Mrs Smith Designs

Welcome, Mrs Smith Designs produces truly unique personalised clothing.

We make to order personalised bridal hoodies, bridal dressing gowns, bridal onesies, bridal tracksuits, bridal vest tops for hen party, engagement or honeymoon gifts. These can be broadened to become wedding hoodies, wedding dressing gowns, wedding tracksuit, wedding vest tops for the whole wedding party on the wedding morning.

All of the pieces are bespoke, meeting your specifications and handmade with a personal touch. Avoid mass produced items and instead wear something that you have designed, something you can treasure.

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Mrs Smith Designs is currently closed until 2018.

We are currently closed due to the upcoming arrival of  a new addition to the family.

We plan to reopen mid 2018.